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Lori Pease makes one of a kind sculpted books, tiles and mosaics from earthenware clay. Formerly the design director for Zoland Books, the literary publishing house, she admires books that have evolved into artifacts with character all their own. Her unique work also reflects her appreciation of gardens, the New England landscape, and antique sailor valentines brought back by sailors on whaling ships in the 1800's.

Her process includes rolling out thick slabs of clay, carving and imprinting texture using her handcrafted clay stamps, vintage textiles, and found objects from nature. Experimenting with various combinations of ceramic stains and rare earth oxides such as iron, copper and cobalt in her glaze recipes, contributes to the subtly nuanced colors in her layered glazed surfaces. Vermont's rural countryside provides inspiration with its lichen covered wooden fence posts and pine needle encrusted bird nests.

Lori Pease has studied ceramics at the Ceramics Program at Harvard University, Mudflat Pottery School, the DeCordova Museum School, and he Moravian Pottery and Tile Works. She has a BA in literature from Tufts University.