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A book designer turned ceramic artist, I was the design director for Zoland Books, a literary book publishing house based  in Cambridge, Massachusetts that my husband and I founded together. We ran our press for fifteen years before selling it to Steerforth Press in Hanover, New Hampshire. Eventually I sought a more tactile way of creating, and discovered clay. Drawn to the exploration of texture, I began sculpting earthenware books while contemplating books as artifacts and continuing objects of importance. 

A good part of my year is spent in Woodstock, Vermont where I maintain a studio and a large garden of flowers, herbs and vegetables. With this as my backdrop, botanical themes weave their way into my handcrafted tiles and mosaics along with my sculpted books.

I particularly enjoy not only the process of hand carving and imprinting the clay with  found objects and handmade stamps, but also mixing the glazes to create color on their surface. By experimenting with various combinations of ceramic stains and rare earth oxides such as iron, copper and cobalt in my glaze recipes, I am able to create the nuanced colors I am looking for on the glazed surfaces. 

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