About The Artist

Floral Valentine

About The Artist

For many years I was the design director for Zoland Books, the literary publishing house founded by my husband and myself. Eventually I sought a more hands on way of creating. When I began to work in clay, I was drawn to the exploration of texture, form, and color while creating various shaped ceramic books, tiles, and tiled mosaics. My books can be hung on a wall, used as bookends or coasters, or gathered and arranged into piles as if real ones. 

Many of the wall mosaics are inspired by the antique sailor valentines brought back by sailors from New England's whaling ships in the 1800's. Intricate shell mosaic designs were framed under glass in octagonal shaped wooden boxes. I use shells as inspiration and tools to press my designs into the clay, making textured tiles that are then grouted into wood frames. 

The process includes rolling out slabs of clay, carving and imprinting the clay, and then layering underglaze, slip and glaze to color the surface. I use brown and red earthenware clays and enjoy experimenting with colored oxides and stains in the glaze recipes. The final work is fired at cone 04.

I have studied ceramics at the Ceramics Program at Harvard University, Mudflat Pottery School, the DeCordova Museum School, and the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works and have a BA in literature from Tufts University.